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TEADE is an International Dance Event that includes diverse dance workshops, master classes, conferences talkbacks, showcases and other activities driven by TEADE’s mission to enrich, broaden and strengthen the world of dance for performing arts students and professional dance artists.

TEADE 2024 & 3rd International Contemporary  Dance Choreographic Competition 

July 15-20, 2024

TEADE 2024 in Toronto offers 12 + diverse dance workshops taught by national and international high caliber professionals. All participants will have the chance to perform and will receive a certificate of attendance  and compete  to win money awards,

A unique  week long  multicultural, diverse and unique networking Dance  Event 

 All participants will perform  on TEADE Showcase  July 19-20 -8 pm 

 At the Winchester Street Theatre in Toronto.  

          REGISTER NOW !!


   Special discount for professionals dancers


  Drop in full day of classes are available!

         For full Information visit 


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